Forum Categories & Topics?

What categories and specific topics should we discuss in the the forum? We should start with just a few broad categories to begin with, and they can become narrower over time as we have more engagement. Let’s start a running list below. (Hint: Try to think about those things, resources, bits of information you repeatedly need, but then have to back hunting (through old Twitter posts, email archives, etc.) to find.)

Lists of legal tech companies. There are some well known ones out there, but also some great resources that are more obscure. We should keep a running list of all the lists!

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Great legal tech/innovation blogs, podcasts, social media follows–all the best get-up-to-speed and stay-up-to-speed resources.

Some general categories that I used in the Gust Launch Founder Community are “Asks” and “Offers.” They are pretty self explanatory but we could also have a guideline for the group that if you are making an “Ask” that there also need to be “Offer” in return.

“Show me some love” is a category that I always like. It is an easy way for community members to spread the word about achievements, launches, and positive developments. It’s a good way to spread the goodwill around.

These are great suggestions. I thought we’d start with the reference material categories that we know we want. Re: the active community management categories (like these), I’m tempted to try to get community members engaged, see what people might be interested in using this (as opposed to Slack or other channels for), and then set those sorts of categories as things come into focus. Thoughts?