#Makelawbetter Coronavirus Legal Innovation Resources

Cat Moon, the Director of Innovation Design for the Program on Law and Innovation (PoLI) at Vanderbilt Law School, recently stared circulating a Google Form asking people with legal innovation and legal design experience to help put together a database of sorts of the different skills (both legal and technical) they might be able to contribute to a response to the Coronavirus crisis. I’m not sure what the next steps are or if there’s a specific project in mind, but I though it was a nice sentiment and I’m all ears for any next steps.

If you want to add your name, go to www.makelawbetter.org. I’ve quoted the call to action below:

I’m a legal innovator and I want to help :facepunch:

This form exists to capture information about people active in legal innovation, including but not limited to legal technology, willing to offer their expertise, experience, and energy as a resource for leaders in the law who are faced with making exigent decisions as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.

I believe that leaders across the spectrum of our legal systems must act — swiftly, intentionally, and informed by those who have been doing the hard work to be prepared for exactly this moment in time.

And, in a moment that demands our reaction to preserve systems of justice already under incredible stress, we have the opportunity to be PROACTIVE. We can make choices and take actions NOW that #makelawbetter far beyond the moment of this crisis.

At a minimum, we must maintain the accessibility and functionality of all systems that support the rule of law and functioning of civil society during the coronavirus pandemic and in its aftermath. To do this demands new and different ways of thinking and acting.

If you want to serve as a resource to these leaders, please complete this form. The form responses will be an open resource and available for any and all to see. And hopefully, use. I will do my best to make sure every leader in a position to act knows that this resource exists.

To my fellow innovators who understand the opportunity this moment offers: be bold and courageous and proactive. Please make yourselves available and maybe, just maybe, those who have the presumptive power will invite you in.

Many thanks,

Cat Moon :smiley_cat:
Director of Innovation Design, Vanderbilt Law School


@JSv4 thanks for sharing! I added my name to the list. Let’s see if anything comes from it.