Offers of Community Support During the COVID-19 Crisis

Is there a particular way you might be able to support other community members during this difficult time? Maybe you have time to volunteer at a relief effort. Or maybe you have the need/resources to hire someone (even just part-time) who has lost their job. If you can think of way you might be able to serve the community, offer that support here.

Zoom zoom! I have done some research on privacy settings in Zoom. Happy to share as well as advise on a number of other settings that seem to keep the call calm.

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I actually think it would be really helpful to get some clarity on what’s happening with Zoom, whether the issues are/should be deal breakers for professional use, and how to mitigate. Are you up for posting a short analysis under a new topic: “Analysis of Zoom Security Issues” or something like that?

I’m on it. Good idea.