Open Source Tools

I’m curious what open source, legal tech tools you guys have a) heard of and b) used. I’m increasingly seeing a need for a customizable yet robust tools that offer a reliable set of baseline features yet can be tweaked as needed for the inevitably infinite universe of custom tweaks and workflows needed. One solution to this problem is no-code/low-code, but I’ve found these platforms to be 1) expensive, 2) brittle and 3) surprisingly limited.

Just to get the list started:

  1. DocAssemble (have tested in a personal capacity but would not call myself a user)
  2. LexNLP (have played around with this Python NLP Library but haven’t used)
  3. LexPredict ContraxSuite

And, in the world of legal-tech adjacent tools (useful to legal work but not built for it, per se):

  1. NLP
  2. Stanford NLP
  4. Tesseract OCR
  5. TensorFlow ecosystem

I have a few more, but I’m not quiiiitte ready to share yet :slight_smile:


@JSv4 thanks for putting together that initial list!

Here are a few more projects I have come across:

  1. Accord Project

  2. Debian-Lex

  3. Microsoft Matter Center (unsure if it is still actively being developed though)