Panel (or Other Expert-Driven Programming) Topics

What topics would you like to see the Meetup tackle with a panel or other form of expert-driven programming?

I think an A2J panel with representatives from the government, firms, startups, and nonprofits would be interesting considering our current circumstances with COVID-19.

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Any particular specific focus?

The main thing that comes to mind is court innovation. In most jurisdictions case loads are backed up and likely won’t be back to normal for quite some time. Family, bankruptcy, and housing courts all serve low income people. What are some ways that technology can help?

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Some further possible COVID-19 angles (in addition to @kutter’s ideas):

  1. Emergency relief laws (FEMA etc.); Defense Production Act
  2. Quarantine laws (on what basis can states “lockdown”) and can the federal government shut borders?
  3. Healthcare provider liability in the age of COVID-19
  4. Liability (or protection) for crowd-sourced medical goods