Welcome to the #nylegaltech Forum!

This is a place where members of the #nylegaltech community (including you–whoever you are!) can share thoughts, store notes, memorialize resources, and connect about all things relating to legal technology and innovation.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve build a wonderful (and sizeable) NYC-based (but not exclusive) community of lawyers, technologists, and others interested in legal technology and innovation through our community events. But there’s so much happening on the legal innovation landscape, we need ways to share and better support one another every day. That’s why we’re launching this Forum.

It’s a place where we can collect notes on the best resources we find (blog, podcasts, articles, lists, events, etc.) or share thoughts on important developments. Twitter and our Slack community are great for ongoing and fast-moving discussion. But sometimes we want to build a body of thinking or resources over time, and we hope this forum will help us do that together.

We hope you’ll add your thoughts, questions, and insights into the mix!

To learn more about the NY Legal Tech Meetup, please visit: https://nylegaltech.com.

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