Writings on Legal/Legal-Tech Impact of COVID-19

Here’s an interesting compilation.

Who else is publishing?

Just came across this. Were mitigation strategies like this used before turning to layoffs during the Great Recession? I wasn’t a lawyer then so I don’t have a good understanding of what happened during the last market downturn.


Not exactly legal tech-related, but useful, this video call with Weill Cornell ICU doctor gives us a ray of hope.
Follow the rules:
Rule #1, socialize at 6 feet.
Rule #2, don’t touch your face.
Rule #3, wash your hands a lot.
Rule #4, remember, the virus is wimp, the disease is a beast.
Stay healthy, stay home.

Here’s a wonderful piece from @jae. If you haven’t read it yet, you should:


@clang Thanks for sharing. This was a great article and makes me think more about processing my own thoughts on this crisis.

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Thank you, Jae. Beautiful. Compassionate.

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Thanks for reading & sharing! :pray: :relaxed: :sparkling_heart: